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Breathing Life Into Renovations

Smart homes and smart offices. They depend on technologies of the future that are available today. Together with Tong De, a specialist in electrical works, high-level security systems, and home and office renovations, you can transform your home and office into the future-ready premises of your dreams. By offering a suite of solutions for all your renovation needs, Tong De is a one-stop resource centre for all home and business owners. Without wasting time sourcing for a variety of suppliers, you can visit Tong De for everything from design consultation to interior works, all the way to the final step of installing a top-notch security system to protect your belongings and property. Unlike companies that outsource their operations, we operate our own workshops and proprietary systems. By offering you in-house expertise all the way, we can maintain exceptional standards in product quality and after-sales customer service while keeping costs low and passing the savings on to you. Best of all, this allows us to offer a high degree of customisation, where all your solutions are designed especially for your needs.

Customer Portfolio

Tong De’s services have been sought after for both residential and commercial projects, from individual homes to major complexes and developments. With over 10 years of experience behind us, we are confident of transforming your premises with a dynamic new look and elevated levels of safety using the latest technologies and systems.

For homes:

Tong De understands your building and renovation needs. We work with property developers and homeowners to make their dreams come true, whether it is a bungalow, terrace house, or condominium project. You can depend on us to turn a simple home into the smart home that you have always dreamed of, using the latest in security technologies, electrical works, and interior design.

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For offices and shops:

You can rely on Tong De for all your business renovation and security needs. We have over 10 years of expertise in transforming a simple shop or office into an intelligent space, using the latest in security technologies, electrical works, and interior design.


Our Company

In just a few years, Tong De has grown from a one-man business to a 250sqm office / workshop and 100sqm warehouse in Bukit Batok, with over 15 staff.

Tong De was founded in 2004, operating out of a tiny office in Marshall Road and a single van. Early projects centred on small-scale wiring works for residences, and its reputation for quality and reliability started to travel. In just two years, Tong De embarked on development projects that covered residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Thanks to consistently good reviews and recommendations from satisfied contractors and clients, Tong De today is a regular supplier to major commercial and industrial projects, and large-scale condominium works.

Tong De has since expanded to comprise three companies: Tong De Electrical Services, Tong De Dezign Concepts, and Tong De Security Services.


Our founder

Tong De was started by Mr Kenneth Kang in 2004, whose drive, hard work, and aptitude has propelled his company from a one-man show to a 15-man team with his own office, workshop and warehouse.

It all started when Kenneth discovered a deep interest in electrical works while taking up an apprenticeship. This was followed by years of hard work to acquire a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. As an employee, he was a fast learner and diligent worker, qualities that quickly caught his bosses’ attention. Thanks to his talent and positive attitude, he was quickly promoted thereafter, and his career quickly took off. When the company wound up, it was only natural for Kenneth to strike out on his own.

Kenneth operated out of an office no larger than a bedroom, and cut across Singapore with his tools packed in the back of his van and a vision for Tong De to become a dynamic and successful company one day.

His hard work and determination has since paid off. Tong De today has grown beyond its initial start of providing electrical services, to offering a suite of renovation and security solutions to residential and commercial clients. He and his team are now poised for expansion and well-equipped to take Tong De to even greater heights.